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Need Help With Your insurance Claim After a Hurricane, Flood, Fire, or Storm?

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What Can a Public Adjuster do For You?

Recovering From a Fire, Flood, or Storm? Remember That Your Insurance Company Has Their Priorities in Mind, Not Yours.

At Aftermath Consulting Public Adjusters, we work with customers throughout Texas and Colorado to help them recover from storms and other disasters while getting the maximum value from every insurance claim. Our specialists can assist with virtually any type of claim or loss – whether it’s business or residential – but we specialize in a few different areas, including:

Hail and Wind Damage Claims

The Southwest is famous for vicious hailstorms and high-speed winds. Either one can cause extensive damage to your home or business. Even worse, it’s easy to miss signs of damage on your roof, or throughout your property. We’ll work to make sure you’re properly compensated for your loss.

Fire and Smoke Damage Claims

It’s easy to underestimate the damage caused by fires. That’s because some burning may occur within walls, and attics, or beneath floors. Additionally, items affected by smoke may require special cleaning. When you work with us, we’ll ensure these losses are counted.

Floods and Water Damage Claims

As with fire, water damage can be more pervasive than it initially appears. Flooring, wiring, and even furniture or personal belongings can all be ruined without obvious signs. An expert team can catalog the scope of the problem and file streamlined claims that are paid out quickly.

Tornado and Hurricane Damage Claims

Major disasters can involve an enormous personal and financial loss. The bigger the claim, the more important it is to have a public adjuster on your side, and one who can accurately estimate the cost of all damages. We can help you take the first steps forward by getting you compensated by your insurer.

As licensed public adjusters who have experience with insurance, construction, and restoration, we can give you a thorough and accurate assessment of your losses. Then, we can explain the details of your claim to your insurance company, so you don’t take a penny less than what you are owed.

If you would like to talk about your specific claim, or ask our team a question, call (720)501-3440 now. We’ll be happy to share what we know and put our expertise to work for you.

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